Occupational Therapy

We offer a wide range of programs for each child’s specific needs.

Our therapists work with your child to develop, improve, or restore your child’s abilities and functions. They are highly trained in selecting and grading specific interventions to promote the development of individual skills for self-care, play and learning.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive OT Evaluation services and reports
  • Early intervention services
  • In-home therapy in a natural environment
  • Preschool and private school services
  • Adolescent treatment center programs
  • Child Services and Programming
  • Team intervention with physicians, educators,
  • and other health care providers
  • Family-centered treatment planning
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Special summer programming

Therapeutic Listening®

Therapeutic Listening is an innovative auditory intervention that uses organized sound patterns inherent in music to impact all levels of the nervous system.  TL is an evidence-backed protocol that is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist that has completed certification in Therapeutic Listening.  This protocol combines sound-based intervention via specially modulated CD’s with specific sensory activities to improve functional outcomes.   Improvements can be noted in sensory modulation, attention, behavior, postural organization, and speech and language difficulties.

SOS Program for Feeding®

The SOS Program is a non-invasive developmental approach to feeding that has been designed to assess and address all factors involved for children with feeding difficulties, including food refusals and limited tastes/foods/textures.  SOS teaches the child and parent to interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way.  The SOS Program follows a systematic hierarchy to feeding, beginning with tolerating smell, sight and touch, and gradually working up to eating a wide variety of foods.  Parents are an integral part of the SOS Program and are taught and empowered to comfortably implement this approach at home.

Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome is a brain-based assessment and training program that is used in therapy to improve the neurological processes of motor planning, sequencing, and processing.  Interactive Metronome is successful in directly improving sensory processing for attention, motor planning and sequencing functions.  With a specially designed computer program, clients are challenged to synchronize hand and foot movements to a precise computer-generated reference tone heard through headphones along with visual supports.  These clients may include those with ADHD, Autism, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Non-verbal learning disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, CVA, and other learning disorders.

Handwriting Without Tears®

Handwriting Without Tears is a proven success in using fun, entertaining, and educationally sound instructional methods to teach handwriting to all students.  HWT is utilized to make legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill with its unique and compelling curriculum guide, multi-sensory learning strategies, and simple teaching strategies.  Get results with just 15 minutes of instruction per day!

The Alert Program (How Does Your Engine Run)®

The Alert Program describes an innovative program that supports children, teachers, parents, and Therapists in choosing appropriate strategies to change or maintain states of alertness. Students learn what they can do before a spelling test or homework time to attain an optimal state of alertness for their tasks. Students learn what they can do after classes, when their nervous systems are in a high alert state and concentration is difficult. Parents learn what they can do to help their child’s nervous system change from a high alert state to a more appropriate low state at bedtime.  The Alert Program has been adapted for preschool through adult and for a wide variety of abilities.

Astronaut Training®

Astronaut Training is a specific sound-activated visual-vestibular treatment protocol designed to improve the dynamic interplay of movement hearing, and vision. The Astronaut Training Protocol supports postural development, motor skills, timing and coordination, spatial awareness, sequencing, balance, eye muscle control, and visual perception. The Astronaut Program is safe and effective for all ages and a wide variety of diagnoses.


DIR is a developmental, individualized, and relationship-based framework for assessment and development of an intervention program tailored to the unique strengths and needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Floortime is a specific technique used within the DIR Model that follows a child’s natural lead to playfully challenge the child to build social, emotional, and intellectual capacities.  The Floortime Model emphasizes the critical role of the parents and family because of the importance of their emotional relationships with the child, and is therefore a focus of intervention.

Brain Gym®

Edu-K (short for Educational Kinesiology) is an innovative approach that uses movements to enhance learning.  The basic movements are called Brain Gym!  Brain Gym movements are utilized as a simple tool to integrate and “ready” the brain prior to learning, sports, work tasks, and rest breaks.  Benefits of Brain Gym include improvements in learning, attention, memory, vision, expression, and movement abilities.  Teachers report improvements in attitude, attention, behaviors, and classroom participation.

Beckman Oral Motor Protocol®

The Beckman Oral Motor Protocol uses assisted movement and stretch reflexes to improve oral motor skills such as pressure and movement, range, strength, variety and control of movement for the lips cheeks, jaw, tongue and soft palate.  The protocol is useful with a wide range of ages (birth to adults) and diagnostic categories.  The Beckman Protocol may be appropriate for children who struggle with controlling secretions (drooling), feeding difficulties related to oral motor skills or sensory issues, and children who have difficulty with speech production.

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